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Mission and values

Values and Beliefs Statement 

These belief statements underpin our curriculum and decisions.  At West End State School, we embrace a multicultural approach to living and learning through valuing: 

Lifelong Learning  

We aspire to quality, continuity and accountability within our curriculum planning and teaching. We seek to understand, articulate and support the learning aspirations of our students and their families through recognising individual and cultural differences in our students. We design our curriculum to meet their unique needs, and maintain high levels of flexibility and responsiveness in our planning. We believe in the critical nature of the relationships between our teachers and their students and pursue teaching practices that engage students in learning contexts that promote excellence and support students with special needs.

Productive Teaching and Learning 

We believe that all students can learn and that learning and teaching practices should support all students. We use a range of teaching strategies that encourage the development of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills, a depth of knowledge and understanding about processes and content relevant to living within the community, and the skills to become self- directed, reflective learners.

Reflective and Active Citizenship 

Our school community believes in the importance of creating and maintaining a safe, tolerant and disciplined environment that allows all students to learn. We are committed to preparing our young people to be active and reflective Australian citizens, with the potential and motivation to become active in community, economic and political life. We foster and build our students’ confidence in building relationships with other cultures in Australia and abroad.

Diversity and Difference

Diversity and difference are the very essence of our school community.  West End is defined by its multiculturalism and diversity.  Inclusiveness, a shared desire for common harmony and the fostering of a sense of personal and cultural identity are the values that unite us as a community.  We maintain vigilance in our respect and recognition of our indigenous heritage. We value and strive for understanding and reconciliation with our past in all its cultural diversity.



Our school community values a supportive school environment by resourcing its members with the skills for effective communication, self-confidence, conflict resolution and personal development. We value the unique worth of each person, support his or her personal and spiritual development and foster self-esteem by respecting individual differences, recognising and celebrating achievements and creating opportunities for participation and contribution in the life of the school.


Social Justice and Inclusivity 

Our school community values social justice because we believe that race, culture, socio-economic circumstances, disability and gender have far reaching effects on people’s sense of identity, opportunities and life chances. Our school has the responsibility to expose these effects, challenge practices that devalue and/or discriminate against people on these grounds and ensure active support, opportunities and resources are appropriately available to students.


A Sense of Community 

We promote, generate and foster shared responsibility for our children’s learning and growth. We are committed to the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of all our community members and their aspirations for their children. We value the contributions of our families and staff and are active in our pursuit of collaborative, supportive approaches to school planning.