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1 June 2020


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25 May 2020

Hello WESS Families 

The school is again buzzing with noise and activity, with our children settling happily back into their learning. 

I would like to thank you all for supporting our new Drop and Go processes this morning.

Whilst it may seem messy and busy outside the school gates, there is a calmness inside the gates with students settling quickly with their friends.

It has been proven by the easy transition of the Prep and Year 1s, who have used this process over the last couple of weeks, that the students adapt to this quickly.  

I was at the Hardgrave Rd (oval) gate this morning, so here are a few notes which will help this run a lot smoother and which will keep our children safe.

When using the Drop and Go please:

  • Ensure that your child is exiting the car on the KERBSIDE, not the traffic side
  • Organise it so that you do not have to get out of the car, where possible
  • Use the crossings if parking across the road from the school
  • Do not make U-turns in Hardgrave Rd (or any of the roads bordering our school)
  • If your child is attending OSHC, use the Horan St gate only
  • Do not park in the Drop and Go area as this makes the cars bank up
  • Be polite to school staff who are trying to make this a safe place for our students


I also ask that you do not linger at the school gates once your child has entered. This makes the gate areas crowded and tricky for our students to navigate their way through.


This afternoon's Pick up Process will no doubt have some challenges as we all adapt to the new system. This will settle over the next few days, as people work out where to meet their children and adapt to the new processes, so please be patient.


A reminder of the processes:

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**We have been asked by a number of Year 2 / 3 parents whether they could meet their children at a place OTHER THAN the school oval.

Please EMAIL your class teacher if this is the case for your child, and this can occur from tomorrow.

For today, all P-3 students will be taken to the oval.  

Thanks WESS Community!! 

Kim McNamara


Have a look at the link below

Road Safety Reminders from the Department of Transport and Main Roads

Please read the information in the link below regarding the return of our Years 2-6 students on Monday 25 May.

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