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​​​Contingency Plan Summary-possible Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemi​c l​ockdowns and school closure

Term 1, 2022

The following plan outlines possible actions WESS may take in relation to a possible lockdown, at the local government area (LGA) or the whole of school level. The information provided is for the purpose of forward planning, and is subject to change dependent on changing circumstances, or directives provided by the Department of Education and Queensland Health.

Prior to the commencement of the 2022 school year

Contact details​​
  • ​Please ensure you have informed the Administration Office of any changes to your phone number, home or email address so we can ensure all our contact details are up to date. This is crucial to ensure you receive all correspondence from the school. ​
  • The requirement to be fully vaccinated does not apply to visitors.​
  • Students of all ages are still able to attend school regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Any volunteers or paid workers must be vaccinated in order to work in the school.​

In the event of a Local Government Area (LGA) lockdown


Student attendance for vulnerable students and children of essential workers

​Students who are classified as vulnerable or are children of essential workers are likely to be the only students permitted at school.

  • Students to attend school no earlier than 8.30am and if before this time need to attend OSHC.
  • Students will be supervised to access online and offline learning activities - there will be no active teaching at school during this time.
  • Parents/Carers of students engaging in remote learning will need to contact their child's teacher each day via email to confirm that they are learning at home.
  • Parents/Carers who do not notify the school of their child's attendance will be sent an SMS message reminding them to confirm their child's attendance.
  • Vulnerable students and children of essential workers will be marked as present by teachers – there is no need to update the teacher or office staff of their attendance

​Staff attendance

  • ​It is likely that a significant portion of the staff will be working at home during this time.
  • It is possible that staff may be caring for sick family members or be ill themselves, and therefore unable to work from home or school during this time.​

Mask wearing

  • ​All Parents/Carers and visitors will likely to be required to wear a mask at all times while at school. 

Parent/Carer access to school ground

  • ​This will be confirmed following advice from the Department of Education to schools.

​Remote learning 

Week 1

  • ​Remote learning will commence from the second day of a lockdown period.
  • All classroom teachers and specialists will create WESS@Home grids with off and online activities, focussed on revision and reinforcement of concepts.
  • WESS@Home will be uploaded to the Education Queensland (EQ) platform The Learning Place and emailed to Parents/Carers by the class teacher by 9am.
  • No new content will be introduced.
  • Parents/Carers can contact their child's teacher if they would like to confirm their understanding of the tasks or concepts included.
  • Students on an Individual Curriculum Plan will have a personalised WESS@Home grid developed and sent home separately.
  • Class email lists will be used by teachers to directly communicate with Parents/Carers.
  • Parents/Carers who would like additional work for their child, can be directed to the learning@home site and learning@home TV.
  • Teachers will forward DoE usernames and passwords so students can access The Learning Place and additional online links and resources. Details regarding access to various online learning platforms as used by year levels will also be forwarded in preparation for Week 2 of remote learning. 

​Remote learning 

Week 2

  • ​Students can continue to use offline WESS@Home Grids if unable to access a device.
  • WESS@Home will continue to be uploaded to the Education Queensland (EQ) platform The Learning Place and emailed to Parents/Carers by the class teacher by 9am.


  • ​Parents/Carers will need to continue to check email daily for correspondence from the school.
  • School will develop a number of documents to facilitate remote learning, as well as covering
  • topics relating to supporting your child's mental health and wellbeing.
  • SMS will be used to notify you if you have not informed your child's teacher regarding whether your child is engaging in remote learning that day.
  • Make sure you “like" us on Facebook as this is another key form of communication.
  • There will be no school newsletters developed during a lockdown, as Parents/Carers will be receiving frequent communication. 

In the event of a school closure - No one permitted on site


​Student attendance

  • ​Students will be unable to attend school.
  • Parents/Carers will be reminded to directly notify their child's teacher whether their child is learning remotely on a daily basis.

Staff attendance

  • All Staff will be working from home. It is possible that during this time, staff may be caring for sick family members or be ill themselves. ​

Parent/Carer access to school grounds

  • ​Parents/Carers will be unable to access the school or Outside School Hours Care.

​Remote learning 

Week 1​

​As per arrangements for an LGA lockdown.

​Remote learning 

Week 2

​As per arrangements for an LGA lockdown.


​As per arrangements for an LGA lockdown.​

Last reviewed 10 December 2021
Last updated 10 December 2021