The Tuckshop will be open from Monday 25th May but with a few little changes

1.    We request that you place ALL your orders for the tuckshop through Flexischools.  If you are unable to we will accept credit/debit card payments. BUT THERE WILL BE NO CASH TRANSACTIONS AT ALL!

2.   There will be no over the counter sales at 1st or 2nd lunch.   All ice blocks ordered through flexischools will be sent to the class at 2nd lunch. Children cannot present to the tuckshop to purchase items.

3.   There will be hand sanitiser readily available for use at the tuckshop - particularly for adults who may come in the shop & of course the tuckshop staff.

4.   Counters will be wiped down with disinfectant after each lunch break.

5.   The Eftpos machine will be sanitised after each use.

6.   There will be no volunteers (even though we love our volunteers) in the shop. We will be in touch with them  once restrictions have been lifted.

The tuckshop crew will not be taking phone orders during this time.  Please place all your orders via flexischools by 8.30am 

See our Term 2 menu in the link below

Our award winning tuckshop is open for both lunch breaks each day. It is operated as a service to families and volunteers are needed to keep it operational. Students need to order their food on a brown paper bag and enclose the appropriate amount of money or online at the Flexischools website. Food orders are collected at the beginning of each break and taken to the classrooms. A tuckshop menu is available from the tuckshop and at Flexischools online. New menus are sent home at the beginning of each term. Over the counter sales are available to Year 1 to 6 students at second lunch only. Ice blocks are available only at second lunch.

The tuckshop will be open in Week 2 of school on Monday 3 February 2020

Contact details and menu

Tuckshop phone number: (07) 3217 2995

Tuckshop hours: 8.30am–1.45pm (Monday to Friday)

Download the Term 3 tuckshop menu 2020 (PDF,2MB) 

Online ordering

We encourage families to use our online ordering system which is offered through Flexischools. The full menu is available using this system and orders can be placed for both first and second breaks.

Brown paper bag ordering

Alternatively lunches can be ordered by writing items required on a brown paper bag with the correct amount of money. The bags can be placed in the basket in the classroom in the morning where they are delivered to the tuckshop for preparation. Separate bags are to be used for 1st and 2nd lunch.

Food orders are collected at the beginning of each break and taken to classrooms. Over the counter sales are available to Year 1 to 6 students at second lunch only. Ice blocks are only available at second lunch.

Smart Choices - Healthy food and drink supply strategy for Queensland schools

In recent years, levels of overweight and obesity in children and young people have increased dramatically. Overweight and obesity is usually a result of excess energy intake through eating too much food or the wrong type of food, combined with doing too little physical activity or being inactive for too much of the day.

Last reviewed 26 June 2020
Last updated 26 June 2020